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On 02, Jul 2012 | No Comments | In | By Tangerina

Bring It Inside – the series (2009)

Realization: SESCTV and TV CULTURA

Telmo is a retired theater director that realizes that he lost the memory of the tie he spent in prision, in the 1970’s, during Brazil’s military dictatorship. He then, decides to write a play, and with threads of memory, improvises with his young cast. Telmo dives in his own story and reveals himself  that, that was so dangerous the he chose to forget.

  • Part of the Direction III series

    Realization: SESCTV e TV CULTURA

    fiction minisseries

    4 episodes

    52 min


  • Carlos Alberto Riccelli as Telmo

    Emílio Di Biasi as Lopes

    Felipe Rocha as Miguel

    Georgina Castro as Mônica

    Selma Egrei as Madalena

    Julio Machado as Marcelo

    Maria Helena Chira as Júlia

    Pedro Lemos as Fábio

    Paula Pretta as Nina

    Gustavo Brandão as Betão

  • directed by Tata Amaral

    executive producer Matias Mariani e Tata Amaral

    argument Matias Mariani, Tata Amaral e Thiago Dottori

    screenplay by Thiago Dottori

    cinematography Jacob Solitrenick, ABC

    art direction JC Serroni

    editting Idê Lacreta e Pedro Vieira

    music Bruno Serroni e Habacuque Lima

    sound João Godoy

    casting by Patrícia Faria

    production director Rafaella Costa

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