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On 02, Jul 2012 | No Comments | In | By Tangerina

A Starry Sky

Dalva, a hairstylist living in Mooca a neighborhood in São Paulo, wins, in a hairstyling pageant, a trip to Miami. At the departing day, her ex fiancée storms into her house, taking her and her mother hostage i his despair.

“A Starry Sky” was considered by brazilian critics one of the three met important movies of the 1990’s.

  • World Première – 1996 Toronto International Film Festival – 1996



    71 min


  • Paulo Vespúcio as Victor

    Leona Cavalli as Dalva

    Néa Simões as Mãe de Dalva

    Ligia Cortez as Repórter

    Rosa Petrim

    Norival Rizzo

  • directed by Tata Amaral

    executive producer Renato Bulcão e Maria Ionescu

    screenplay by Jean Claude Bernardet e Roberto Moreira

    cinematography Hugo Kovensky

    art director Ana Maria Abreu

    editing Idê Lacreta

    sound directing Eduardo Santos Mendes e João Godoy

    based on the novel by Fernando Bonassi

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