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On 02, Jul 2012 | No Comments | In | By Tangerina

Today (2013)

Vera, a former political activist, receives restitution money from the Brazilian government because of the disappearance of her husband, a victim of political repression during the military dictatorship in the country (1964-1985). She is then able to afford the apartment of her dreams and frees herself from the suspension in which she lived in for decades, a period whilst she was not officially recognized as a widow. On the day she moves in, her husband comes back. Their meeting, filled with emotions, forces Vera to review her entire life.

  • World Premiere – 44th Brasilia Film Festival of Brazilian Cinema – 2011

    a production Tangerina Entretenimento and Primo Filmes

    co-produced by HBO Latin America Originals

    sponsored by Petrobrás and Sabesp

    co-sponsored by Sao Paulo City Department of Culture

    feature film


    87 min


  • Denise Fraga as Vera

    Cesar Troncoso as Luiz

    João Baldasserini as Carregador I

    Pedro Abhull as Carregador II

    Lorena Lobato as Síndica

    Cláudia Assunção as Antônia

  • produced by Tangerina Entretenimento and Primo Filmes

    based on the novel “Prova Contrária” by Fernando Bonassi

    directed by Tata Amaral

    producers Caru Alves de Souza and Tata Amaral

    co-producers Matias Mariani and Joana Mariani

    executive producer Matias Mariani and Rafaella Costa

    screenplay by Jean Claude Bernardet, Rubens Rewald and Felipe Sholl

    cinematography and camera operator Jacob Solitrenick, ABC

    art director Vera Hamburger

    costume Cássio Brasil

    makeup artist Donna Meirelles

    editing Idê Lacreta

    music Livio Tragtenberg

    sound project Eduardo Santos Mendes and Luiz Adelmo

    sound João Godoy

    mixing José Luiz Sasso

    production manager Rafaella Costa and Renata Artigas

    casting by Patrícia Faria

    projections and video scenery BijaRi

  • 44th Brasilia Film Festival of Brazilian Cinema – Best Film, Best Actress (Denise Fraga), Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction and Best Screenplay – 2011

    2nd Festival UNASUR Cine – Best Cinematography – 2013

    Havana Film Festival – Official selection – 2012

    Mostra de Cinema de Tiradentes – Olhares Section selection – 2012

    Sao Paulo Latin American Film Festival – Official selection – 2012

    7th Film Festival of Human Rights of Latin America – Non-competitive festival – 2012

    25th Miami International Film Festival – Miami Encuentros Projects – 2008

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