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On 23, May 2016 | No Comments | In | By Tangerina

Through the Window

In a middle class neighborhood in São Paulo, lives Selma, a widow retired nurse, with Raimundo, her 24 years old son. Mather and son, are very close. The routine of the family starts to be disrupted when Raí changes his behavior. Selma is jealous and fears that her son has a girlfriend. The fear of losing his afection blinds her to what is coming.

  • World Première – 29º International Film Festival Rotterdam

    produced by A. F. Cinema e Vídeo Ltda.
    coproduced with Anhangabaú Produções Ltda.
    feature film
    80 min

  • Laura Cardoso as Selma
    Fransérgio Araujo as Raimundo
    Ana Lúcia Torre as Tomasina
    Leona Cavalli as Simone
    João Acaiabe as Seu Armando
    Antônio Petrin as Seu Freitas
    Débora Duboc as Supermarket manager
    José Rubens Chachá as Farmacy owner
    Márcio Aurélio as Religious man
    Millem Cortaz as Raís frien #1
    Eucir de Souza as Raís friend #2
    Sérgio Módena as Raís friend #3
    Daniela Antonelli as Supermarket cashier
    Jefferson Gerônimo as Pizza delivery guy

  • argument Jean-Claude Bernardet
    script Jean-Claude Bernardet
               Fernando Bonassi
               Tata Amaral

    production director Caio Gullane
                                       Fabiano Gullane
    art director Ana Mara Abreu
                        Clô Azevedo
    sound         João Godoy
    photography Hugo Kovensky
    editting Idê Lacreta
    sound editting Eduardo Santos Mendes
    music Lívio Tragtenberg
               Wilson Sukorski
    executive producer Van Fresnot
    directed by Tata Amaral

  • “Passista Award for Best Picture” at Festival de Recife in 2000

    “Passista Award for Best Actress” at Festival de Recife in 2000

    “Passista Award for Best Script” at Festival de Recife in 2000

    “Crystal Lenses Award” for Best Director at the Brazilian Film Festival in Miami in 2000

    “Crystal Lenses Award” for Best Actress at the Brazilian Film Festival in Miami in 2000

    “Crystal Lenses Award” for Best Script at the Brazilian Film Festival in Miami in 2000

    “Special Prize” at the Kerala International Film Festival em Kerala, India in 2000

    “Best Actress” for Lauta Cardoso at Festival de Cuiabá in 2000

    “Best Actress” for Laura Cardoso at Associação de Críticos de Arte in 2001

    “Best Actress” for Laura Cardoso at Festival Melhores do Ano promoted by SESC in 2001

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