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Express Kidnapping (in post-production)

On 23, May 2016 | No Comments | In | By Tangerina

Express Kidnapping (in post-production)

Sao Paulo, Brazil. Isabel, a 25-year-old girl, is kidnapped. The first ATM the criminals try to withdraw money from is broken. It’s almost 10:00pm. The kidnappers realize they will not be able to get to the next one on time. What was meant to be an express kidnapping becomes an all-night imprisonment.



An express kidnapping is a common type of criminal activity in Latin America. Criminals take someone to an ATM machine and force the victim to withdraw money from his or her bank account. In Brazil, ATMs started to remain unavailable from 10:00pm till 6:00am to prevent this crime.

Isabel gets out of a bar in a bohemian neighborhood. When she gets close to her car, Matheus, 34, and Japonês, 21, stop her and force her to get into her car. The guys are not friends. They are together to perform a series of kidnappings that night. Isabel is their first victim. They are nervous and so is Isabel.

The first ATM they go to is broken. It’s almost 10:00pm. Both guys realize they will not be able to reach the next ATM so they decide to keep her as a hostage until they find a working ATM in the morning. 

The three of them spend the night going from one side to the other of the city, most of the time through avenues and neighborhoods on the outskirts, in order to gain time and to decide what to do with Isabel. A hostage in her own car, Isabel will have to negotiate her life with Matheus and Japonês throughout the entire night.


  • a production Tangerina Entretenimento and Manjericão Filmes

    coproduced by Globo Filmes 

    associate producers Guel Arraes and George Moura 

    feature film


    90 min

    in post-production


  • Marina Ruy Barbosa as Isabel 

    Sidney Santiago Kuanza as Matheus

    Daniel Rocha as the Japanese 

    Projota as Daniel

    MC Linn da Quebrada as Marilda

    Danilo de Moura as Pirraça

    João Signorelli as Oswaldo

    Malu Bierrenbach as Lorena

    Tess Amorim, Jô Freitas and Marina Matheus as Isabel’s friends

    Paula Pretta as Woman at ATM machine

    André Whoong as Drug dealer

    Che Morais as Edinho

  • directed by Tata Amaral

    screenplay by Marton Olympio
                             Henrique Pinto
                             Tata Amaral

    treatment by Tata Amaral 
                            Henrique Pinto

    produced by Tata Amaral and Rafaella Costa

    executive producer Rafaella Costa

    cinematography Carlos Zalasik

    art director Vera Hamburger

    editing Rodrigo Menecucci

    sound editing Pedro Noizyman

    original soundtrack André Whoong

    sound João Godoy

    casting Luciano Baldan

    acting coach Fátima Toledo

    costume designer Andrea Simonetti

    makeup André Anastácio

  • Project selected by Chamada Pública BRDE/FSA PRODAV 05/2013 (Brazilian public fund for the development of screenplays)

  • presskit

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